Olivia C. Buchholz is the creator of "Clunky Picnic" and singer-songwriter of electronic-pop duo "Memory Stitches", currently based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

BA in Art Therapy from Arcadia University.

Currently somewhere covered in lint.


"Sleeping with a nightlight is something we learn to reject at a certain point; telling ourselves we can handle the dark. However, a soft and warm luminescence can turn even the scariest monsters back into what really is a comically shaped pile of clothes on a bedroom floor. I create the soft and warm glow that reminds people of the playfulness living in everyday life, turning the mundane, scary, and stressful into an imaginative, comforting, and endearing landscape. My subjects consist of candy-colored animals with lopsided, sweet faces and anthropomorphizing just about anything in sight. Friendship and connection are at the heart of my work; I find direct inspiration from daily interactions with loved ones. My process involves creating quirky narratives that transport viewers into a time of nostalgia or child-like wonder. Whether I am sewing stuffed animals or creating pastel chalk illustrations, whimsical and dreamy characters emerge glistening; ready to be a friend to all."

Contact: clunkypicnic@gmail.com