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clunky picnic

Tattoo Ticket - Clunky Picnic

Tattoo Ticket - Clunky Picnic

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Here is a tattoo ticket for all of my art!

By purchasing this ticket, you have my permission to have my art tattooed onto you by a tattoo artist!

You will not receive anything physical in this; you will be sent a higher quality image of the design you choose from my Instagram and a note to the tattoo artist stating that I am agreeing to let them tattoo my design.

******Please leave your requested image and email me when you purchase!!!*****


Thank you so much for doing this too; it is a huge honor for me as an artist!

When you get it done; be sure to tag me or send me a photo; I would love to post it!

Again, this is only for my blessing to use my art because I do not tattoo.

This ensures that your tattoo artist will be ok with it. 

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